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Malta Investment Scheme

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Why choosing Malta?

 No threshold on language proficiency, business and educational background
  The threshold on assets is low. Only 250K Euro require to get a visa.
 The application procedure is simple and quick which only takes about 3 months.
 Lenient dependant eligibility for 4 generation. The grandparents and grandparents-in-law of the main applicant can also be considered as dependant.
 No residency requirement. Only have to land once only.
 Investor can choose Class A Government Bond which is directly managed by the local government to minimize the risk.
 The only region overlapping EU, EURO, Schengen, Commonwealth countries.


Main Applicant
1. Invest euro250K for government bonds, hold for at least 5 years  
2. Buy or rent a accredited property for at least 5 years

Eligible dependant
Children (For those aged 18-26 must be unmarried and financially depended on the main applicant
Parents, grandparents, parent-in-law and grandparents-in-law who are financially depended on the main applicants and aged 55 above.


 Visa free assess to USA holding a Malta Passport. 
 Get a passport directly through investment or donation.The application procedure is simple and quick 
 Facilitate the arrangement of financial redeployment and asset inheritance
  Visa free assess to EU countries and enjoy local social benefit equality


Holding a Malta PR for 12 months.

1.Make a donation to the Malta Government Development Fund of EURO 650K.
2.Purchase a local property in Malta which value is not less than EURO350K and hold for at least 5 years
OR to rent a local property in Malta for at least 5 years. The annual rent must not be less than EURO16K
3.To invest at least EURO150K on a local stock or bond and hold for at least 5 years

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