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US | EB-3 Visa

US | EB-3 Visa

  Requirement  Permanent Job offer from US Company with Labor Certificate ...

Work, Study and Live in Canada - Manitoba Experience Visa

Work, Study and Live in Canada…

Manitoba Experience VisaFor details, please refer to Chinese Version           ...

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How long must I remain in the United States each year?
All permanent residents must remain in the US for more than 180 days (6 months) each year, otherwise, they may be deemed to have abandoned their permanent residence status.

What is the difference between permanent residency and citizenship?
Once you obtain a green card, and become a legal permanent resident, you have most of the rights and obligations of U.S. citizens, except that you cannot vote and are not entitled to some public benefits

What is the difference between "conditional" and "unconditional" green cards?
Under the regulations, an investor who is approved for the EB5 immigrant visa receives a “conditional” green card, which must be reissued after two years, subject to removal of conditions. Otherwise, the two cards offer the same rights and privileges.