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US | EB-3 Visa

US | EB-3 Visa

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US EB-5 | Europa Estates &…

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Subclass 188C | Significant Investment Visa


  • For people who are willing to invest at least AUD 5 million into complying significant investments in Australia and want to maintain business and investment activity in Australia.


  • No upper age limit
  • No English requirement
  • No points test
  • Fast Processing
  • Travel in and out of Australia for the life of your visa
  • Bring family members with you to Australia


  • An investment of at least AUD 5 million in a Complying Investment
  • Visa holder required to spend just 160 days out of 4 years in Australia to get Permanent visa
  • Have a genuine and realistic commitment to continue your business and investment activity in Australia
  • Reside in the state or territory that nominated you;

Complying Investment

A "Complying Investment" for the purposes of the Significant Investor Visa includes:

  • State/Territory government bonds; or
  • ASIC regulated managed funds making investments in Australian assets; or
  • Direct investment into unlisted Australian companies