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Singapore Immigration Entre Pass Visa

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Singapore Entre Pass is a visa that granted to the investors after they have completed the registration and establishment of a new company in Singapore. The holders of this visa are entitled to enjoy the all same benefits as the local citizens.


  1. Over 18-year-old.
  2. To register and establish a new company in Singapore providing that their share holding must not less than 30%.
  3. The registrated company must not operated more than 6 months from the lodgement.
  4. Investor moust injected at least SGD500,000 capital into the relevant local bank account. Bank statement must be attached as for an evidence.

The Registrated Company must be complied with one of the following criteria:

a) Sponsored by the Venture Capital or "Business Angel" recognized by the Govenment
b) Comply with the binding of the intellectual property, legally possess the ownership of the proprietary of their product or design.
c) Jointly conduct academic research with the A*Star University
d) Sponsored or developed under the support and training provided by a recognized local business incubators


1. Consultation, Engagement
2. Get all the documents ready for lodgement and submit to the immigration department.
3. Proceed to the registration and establisment of a new company there, to undertake all the neccessary assessment.
4. Interview (If any)
5. Temporary Visa Grant (Conditional Offer)
6. Comply with the residence requirment of 24 months
7. Apply for the permanent residency

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